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February 15, 2008

Digital TV -- It's time to make the switch

Most likely you have heard about digital television or the digital transition, where all U.S. television broadcasters will move to exclusively digital broadcasting on February 17, 2009. KCTS 9 has been preparing for this change for several years--and our foremost commitment at KCTS 9 is to help you make a successful transition to digital television. It is not hard, but we are here to help.

If you watch TV over the air with rabbit ears or a roof antenna, and your TV is more than about 2 years old, you will need to take action to continue watching TV after February, 2009. You can keep your old TV and buy a digital converter box and hook it up to your TV, and you will be set. The federal government is offering two free $40 coupons per household to offset the cost of the box--sign up at www.dtv2009.gov or call 1.888.DTV.2009 to request your coupons today.

If you use cable or satellite service, or already have a digital TV, your transition will be simple. Cable and satellite companies will make sure you still receive a signal--you can check with your provider to see if you'll need new equipment. Canadian viewers of KCTS 9 will not be affected by the digital transition at this time.

We at KCTS 9 want to be sure this is a smooth transition for our viewers. We have 4 digital channels and will continue to provide free, high-quality public television programming after we turn off our analog signal for good on February 17, 2009.

Visit our digital TV resource page at KCTS.org/digital and sign up for our Digital TV Help e-mail list, and we'll keep in touch.

And if you're already set for DTV, consider forwarding this information to a friend or relative who may not be online or an early adopter. We want to help them make the switch, too.


Dick Warsinske
V.P. and General Manager, KCTS 9
Serving Western and Central Washington and British Columbia