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June 20, 2008

"Masterpiece Mystery!" Sunday with new host, Alan Cumming

Does the title of this post say it all? We told a friend the other day about new Masterpiece Mystery! host Alan Cumming joining the series, and her response? "The creepy guy?" Why yes, it is he... but we think he's in good company. As reported by Laurel Ann (yet another friend of KCTS 9!), Cumming takes his place in a line of creepy Masterpiece Mystery! (formerly known as simply Mystery!, of course) hosts--well, at least in line behind Vincent Price.


All that aside, we are excited about the return of Inspector Lewis this Sunday at 9:00 p.m. Episodes repeat the following Sunday at 4:00 p.m. and are available On Demand.


We are really enjoying Inspector Lewis! Always liked Kevin Whatley in Inspector Morse and we are so glad that this series has been created. Is the second series going to be broadcast - sorry if I am not reading the schedule properly and it is already listed?
We also like Alan Cummings as the host.
Thank you!
Ruth & Art

We are enjoying the Inspector Lewis series. His side kick is great. Alan Cummings is a great choice as mystery host! He is Invincible!!!

hi.. love your programs.. when will you be showing lost in the wilderness again.? i have a question.. who filmed it?

Thank thank you for the new series Inspector Lewis. Lawrence Fox is a good choice as his side-kick.
Also enjoy your host, Alan Cumming.

Great television !

Jean Pirie

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