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August 05, 2008

Britcom survey extended!

The deadline for our survey to help choose the next Britcom for KCTS 9 has been extended to Thursday, 8/7, at noon Pacific time. Here's that link again, and thanks for your enthusiasm and support!

Click Here to take survey


Your convention coverage has been excellent!

Hello everyone and thanks for your comments! It's so good to hear from you all and I want you to know your comments are being read by the show producers here at KCTS 9. Expect more blog posts soon as we rev up for the fall season.

To Don, I'd like to send you an e-mail directly but don't have your address -- detailed info on getting a DTV coupon is on our site at http://www.kcts9.org/digital

Or, you can go directly to the FCC site to order the coupon: https://www.dtv2009.gov/

Feel free to call -- 1.800.937.5287 -- if you run into any difficulties so we can help. I'm sorry this was hard to find on our site & thanks for your comment.


Thank you for your conversation with Aaron Brown! Ran across your site while searching his name on the net. It was a wonderful interview - intelligent, tastefully done - all the right questions and you gave him time to answer. Felt like I was there in the room with you. I live in Florida and had never heard of your TV Station - but will be back on your website to see what is going on. Being a longtime fan of Aaron's it was just awesome to be able to watch your interview. Fantastic to find a station that has interesting "real" TV instead of Hollywood type "trash" interviews with people who shouldn't even have airtime. I'll be back to check out more "Conversations" - wish I lived in Seattle so I could tune in to your broadcast. "Conversations" seems to be journalism like it should be, or used to be. Thank you - great job !!

Over the past couple years I've been looking for Aaron Brown. I was very excited to see him on Wide Angle. He's great, PBS is great! His dry wit and humor on camera was always good. Many anchors try to be funny and they usually are not.

love the painting classes. however am disappointed that susan schewee doesn't really teach watercolor as advertised. would love a good watercolorist to be on every week.

Loved the Conversation with Pepper Schwartz! Thanks again Enrique for a great program!


I'm excited about Robert Llewellyn coming to Seattle!!

Central American Gang "18."
Your August 5 presentation of Central American Gang "18" was excellent. Even though I have some experience and knowledge about Central America (I used to teach Central American history at the U.W. and have lived in Central America) including El Salvador and the so-called "maras," I thoroughly appreciated your program because it provided me a perspective that I lacked. I have always been very critical of youth gangs having been raised in neighborhoods where they prevailed but I have to concede that your program gave me very helpful insights.
My only criticism is that the program does not try to explain the relationship between gangs like "18" and the rest of Salvador's hard-working people.
Nonetheless I praise the video director for the work done and you folks for broadcasting it. High kudos!

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